Terms of Service

This Real Estate Coaching Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered as of the last date indicated on the signature page hereto (“Effective Date”), by and between Sherri Johnson, LLC, an Ohio limited liability company (hereinafter “Company”) and the client identified herein (hereinafter the “Client”). Coach is engaged in the business of providing individualized professional consulting and coaching to real estate agents, staff, brokers and managers (hereinafter “Individual Coaching”). Therefore, in and for good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is mutually acknowledged and as set forth below, Coach, Client hereby agrees as follows:

Coaching Services. Client hereby hires Company to provide real estate agent consulting and coaching intended to assist, train and educate Client in matters relating to listing, marketing and selling residential real estate properties (hereinafter “Training Sessions”). Client will not personally or professionally rely upon any advice, opinions, recommendations or coaching relating to any legal, accounting or tax matters.

Individual Training Sessions. Company shall provide Training Sessions via telephone or video conference in accordance with the COACHING APPLICATION, which is incorporated into this Agreement. Dates and times of Training Sessions and manner of presentation (telephone and video conference) shall be determined by Company, in consultation with Client.

3. Term. This Agreement is for a minimum six (6) consecutive months term and shall commence on the Effective (Anniversary) Date. This agreement will automatically on a month-to-month basis after the initial six months. Agreement may be canceled by either party at any time upon completion of six (6) months of coaching services and by giving 30 days written notice to Billing@SherriJohnson.com. No refunds on services rendered. Access to coaching materials and strategy coach will be terminated upon termination date. Should the client fail to make all payments due under this agreement, Company may suspend or terminate all training sessions and related services. Client shall remain liable for the full amount of the fees due hereunder, which fees shall become immediately due and payable. 

Notices. All notices to be provided under this Agreement shall be made by U.S. Postal Service Certified Mail at the following addresses:

Mutual Confidentiality. Company agrees to regard and treat confidential as business trade secrets all names and addresses of business associates, customers and clients of the Client (hereinafter “Client Trade Secrets”) which may be disclosed to Company during the course of this Agreement. All such material shall remain the property of Client. Client acknowledges that any materials in any medium (electronic, paper, or written) including, but not limited to documents, charts, training materials, organizational charts/documents, sales development recommendations, guidelines, forms, and questionnaires developed by Company (hereinafter “Company Trade Secrets”) shall be treated as proprietary information developed by Company and are the product of and relate to Company’s professional experience, research, education, business strategies, marketing strategies, and sales strategies. The Client agrees to not disclose, transmit, deliver or otherwise communicate Company Trade Secrets to any Third Parties if such information is not publicly available. In view of the nature of Company’s association with Client, and vice versa, Client agrees the Company would be irreparably harmed by any violation of this Paragraph, and therefore Company shall be entitled to seek economic damages from Client as well as an action for injunction and/or temporary restraining order prohibiting Client from any violation or threatened violation of this Paragraph. 

Authorization. Client authorizes Company and/or his agents to record, reproduce, and/or utilize any communication between Client and Company for training and/or quality control purposes without further notice. Client also grants the Company permission to use Client’s likeness and other personal and/or professional identifiers, including but not limited to testimonials and messaging, for the purpose of print, digital, and/or other marketing purposes.  

Assignment. This Agreement shall not be transferred, assigned, or encumbered by the Client, without prior written consent of Company.

Severability / Entire Agreement / Disclaimer. This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding and agreement of the parties and supersedes any prior written and verbal statements or representations by or made on behalf of Company. Except as expressly provided otherwise herein, this Agreement may not be amended without the written consent of the parties. Client further agrees that Company has not provided any promise, warranty or guarantee of the results of the Coaching contemplated under this Agreement, and that the results of the Coaching and Training will vary depending upon the education, experience, competence, skill and diligence of Client as well as business, political and market conditions which are not predictable or in the control of Company.  

Governing Law. This Agreement shall be considered to be executed in Cleveland, Ohio and in accordance with and governed by the laws of the State of Ohio.

LMS Platform: Password and Username to be kept confidential and for the sole use of you, the Client.

Set-Up Fee: There is a One-Time, Non-Refundable $150 Set-Up Fee. This fee is not included in the monthly coaching cost.

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